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Did you know that if your basement floods due to sewer and drain backup or sump pump malfunction, most standard homeowners’ policies don't cover the cleanup and repairs? 

Over 50% of our customers don't have the proper amount of insurance coverage for basement flooding cleanup and repairs. The good news is that it's relatively inexpensive to add $10,000 to $50,000 of additional coverage.  Save yourself thousands of dollars and continue reading in order to avoid this costly oversight before disaster strikes your home. 

Check your insurance policy now. Look for the “Declarations” section. Do you have “Water Backup,” “Backup of sewer and drains,” and/or “sump pump malfunction/failure” coverage”? If you don’t, you should add it immediately. If you do, you probably don’t have enough. Following are tips and suggestions regarding this elusive but critical coverage:

This is what a declarations section looks like:


Following are approximate numbers we have obtained based on our experience in the cleanup of basement floods:

  • Average Basement Size: 1000 SF

  • Finished Vs. Unfinished Basements: 60% / 40%

  • Average Basement Flood Cleanup & Dryout Cost: $5,000

  • Average Basement Flood Damage Repair Cost: $5,000

  • Average Cost To Replace Hot Water Heater: $1,750

  • Average Cost To Replace Furnace: $3,000

  • Average Personal Property Damage Cost: $2,500

  • Average Coverage Limit Of Past Customers: $5,000 

Based on these numbers we recommend the following minimum coverage:


  • Up To 1,000 SF Unfinished Basement: $15,000

  • Up To 1,000 SF Finished Basement: $25,000

  • Up To 2,000 SF Unfinished Basement: $25,000

  • Up To 2,000 SF Finished Basement: $50,000

  • Over 2,000 SF Unfinished Basement: $50,000

  • Over 2,000 SF Finished Basement: $75,000

If you have a finished basement, take into account what the cost was to remodel it. If you have a lot of personal property in your basement, add the value of those items into your calculations. The above numbers are recommendations and are solely based on our observations of costs based on our past experience. Consult with you insurance agent for further recommendations.

Thank you for reading our article! As a token of our appreciation, use code "QUEST1997" for 5% off of your  invoice up to $1,000 when you call us for any flood & water damage cleanup services. Remember, when disaster strikes your home, call Quest Restoration for prompt and professional emergency flood cleanup and drying services.
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